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Hi, I've been an art and video game enthusiast since I was a child and always wanted to make a contribution to both fields. I want to learn as much as I can and work to the best of my ability with my peers.

I'm a game art and animation student at Champlain College, trying to branch out my skills as much as possible. I'm specializing in hard-surface modeling, but have skills in organic sculpting, environment art, tech art, and animation. I've also worked on multiple production teams where I had to communicate with both other artists and team members of a different disciplines.

Due to my school's curriculum where we form development teams and make games through collaboration of different disciplines, I've learned what to expect out of a professional studio and how to be an effective member of the team. I've been on teams where I took initiative of art direction, taking charge of all facets of the art pipeline. I've also been on teams where I had a lead who helped me embrace critique and feedback, as through iterative processes my skills and projects have benefited greatly from the help of others.

I was born in France and lived in England for a couple years before moving back to France for another two years, and then lived in Sweden for approximately eight years. In 2004 my family moved to Westchester, New York and I studied at the French-American School of New York.

In the french high-school system you choose an orientation between philosophy, business, and science. I graduated with a diploma in science and then started attending Champlain College.