Xemo - Industrial Arm

One of the tasks to show the versatility of the Robot Builder was to show that the builder isn't limited to Robots, but also to Cobots, such as 6 degree of freedom arms. I created the design myself for the green arm, basing it off of existing industrial robot arms such as Kuka and Sawyer, but giving it my own style that's consistent with the rest of the parts.

Within the builder it's possible to rotate all 6 joints, ensuring for full 6 degree of freedom control and demonstrating that it's possible to rapidly prototype parts together.

The assets are made for real-time game play, using 512 for the first arm and 1024 texture for the Kuka arm. The robot builder works within Unity.

Xemo Robot Builder - Industrial Arm

Alexis faintreny render arm2

10k Tris, 512 texture

Alexis faintreny unity 2017 06 23 16 25 17

Fully functioning Kuka Robot Arm
25k tris, 1024 texture