Xemo Modular Kit

I was brought onto the project to design a set of pieces that could combine together in multiple ways so that the user can combine parts together and create their own robots. The project was difficult due to the need for modularity and multi-purpose design, whilst making sure that the parts still preserve functionality no matter how they were assembled.

The game is physics-based, the robots that the player builds can then be animated through rotating the joints, the player choosing how many degrees of freedom and along which axis to set the keyframes. This allows for either really simple motions along a single DoF, or create complex movements that have a greater range of motion.

This project has been a huge learning experience for me, I was given full creative control over the designs of the robots, and it took many iterations to find the balance between modularity, functionality, and range of creativity for the player to use. I'm really happy with the ending kit.

Demonstration of the Robot Builder using the parts I made to quickly make robots.

Alexis faintreny parts

Here's a preview of all the different parts, each one with a set of entry points to attach joints.

Alexis faintreny render robot1 colored

My personal favourite robot I made using the listed parts

Alexis faintreny render robot2 colored

You can also pick and choose what color and materials you want the robot to be.

Alexis faintreny render robot3 colored

Not all robots have to have 4 legs!

Alexis faintreny pasted image at 2017 06 28 11 18 am

In action, In-Engine!