Xemo Environments

Here are some screenshots of some of the environments I've been making for Xemo. The biggest constraint I've been working with is that I'm limited to one directional light per scene, creating a fun and interesting challenge in creating a sense of atmosphere and story to the levels.

In terms of optimization, I've been making texture atlasses comprised of 512 textures stacked together.

Alexis faintreny nvidia share 2017 08 04 15 37 43

The room where our robots will learn to walk and jump on their own

Alexis faintreny nvidia share 2017 08 04 09 55 17
Alexis faintreny 2017 08 04 14 15 10

Closer look at the generator

Alexis faintreny ch3 lvl3

Example of a level I made, the blue platforms rotate around, creating a Ferris wheel

Alexis faintreny 7 journey

In-game look at the same level

Alexis faintreny gameenvironment

Conception of what the levels would look like at first